Shoulder Pain Finally Healed

I have had some terrible pains in my right shoulder (the joint), and I had been on different kinds of painkillers to reduce the ache and to enable me sleep at night. 

During the August 2014 Joy In The City, while Pastor Andy was teaching, he said something about some people being on painkillers for the rest of their lives. That got to me, as I always used to wonder when the pain would end. I then made up my mind that the pain would end that day. 

When Pastor Andy was ministering to people, I hoped he would call out people with aches and pains in different parts of their bodies, but he didn’t. He ministered to other people with various ailments and the services ended. But I was not deterred.  After the service, I went to him, told him about the pain and asked if he could pray for me. He did so and commanded a complete healing for the shoulder and I left. 

For the first time in months, I went to bed that day without taking any pain reliever, and I slept very well. It was when I woke up that I actually realized what had happened! It’s been weeks now, and I haven’t taken any medication and I have been sleeping well. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night in pains. 

Thanks be to God for this great miracle. Thank you Pastor Andy.

Mrs. I. N. A


Ear Problem Healed

God is indeed God!

On Sunday, 3rd of August 2014, when Pastor Andy Osakwe called out people with ear problems for healing, I told the lady sitting next to me that I was meant to go out but I couldn’t because I had gone out twice already, and most importantly that the atmosphere was enough to heal me with my faith. 

When Pastor Andy started praying for those who came out, I laid my hand on my left ear that had disturbed me for a very long time. Immediately, I felt something bust inside my ear, and since that day I have been able to hear clearly.

All praise to God!

Mrs P. N.


Migraine Healed

A few years ago, I suffered from a horrible migraine, such that whenever the pain started, nothing seemed to make it go away.  I received my healing when I attended a healing service at The Summit; Pastor Andy gave a word, which I received and I went home. I was not even a member of the church at that time.

Recently, the devil tried to put his garbage on me; those same symptoms came back and I was in excruciating pain. In spite of how I was feeling I refused to change my confession. I just kept confessing the Word - that I have been healed by the stripes of Jesus, and no sickness or infirmity can reside in this body! 

Brethren, it was as if the more I confessed the more the pain continued. Then I remembered one of Pastor Andy’s messages in which he said that there is a time to pray and there are those times when what we need to do is take authority and cast the spirit of affliction out. I do not know if I was more annoyed with myself for even allowing it to stay that long or with the spirit of affliction. I spoke violently, bound the spirit and cast it out of my head immediately, and instantly I was relieved! To God be the glory.

Sister A. I.


Breast Lump Disappeared

I noticed a lump on my left breast in July 2013. I went for several scans including a mammogram and doctors confirmed it was a cyst, but might not cancerous. I traveled abroad to get another opinion and they confirmed it, but said they wouldn’t perform a surgery on it because it was small.  They advised that I should endure the pain till it grew bigger, then I could come for the surgery.

I came home and stood on the word of God, confessing that the lump must de-materialize and dissolve, in Jesus name. Sometime in August, while Pastor Andy was praying for people with pains and other challenges during a Sunday service, I was seated with lifted hands thanking God for my healing and I felt very hot heat on my left breast. I was in tears as I knew a Holy Ghost surgery was taking place. I went home and checked for the lump and could not find it. It had melted away.

God’s word works. Hallelujah! 


Migraine Gone!

I had a migraine headache for the first time (I knew because it fit all the description being a heath professional). On Wednesday, 1st April, I was barely able to drive from the office because of the dizziness and headache.

During Thursday service, I had a hard time worshipping but made every effort to hear every word. Pastor Andy mentioned a case of migraine that was caused by a spiritual passage that had to be closed. I got interested and believed I would be delivered.

When it was time for the worship, I yielded to the spirit and flowed, making every effort to forget my pains. I continued until I had broken through.

Pastor Andy then said that someone needed to go home and sleep like a baby to perfect what God had started. I believed it and did exactly that. When I woke up at 5am the next day, it was like a dream. I have been wondering since then how dramatic and indeed how miraculous the healing I have experienced! 

God is faithful. 

Dr. E. A


Peptic Ulcer Healed!

The month of April 2015 is indeed the month of ‘Resurrection’, as declared by Pastor Andy.

Barely five days into the month, I started expecting the resurrection power at work in my life. Sometime in 2013, my doctor said I had developed Peptic ulcer (though mild) and I was given some drugs with precaution. I had not been able to participate fully in fasts as I would have loved since then for fear of reactions should I not eat. I did the prayers faithfully and left the fasts out up until the just concluded 21 Days Of Praise & Worship.

When Pastor Andy declared April as our Month of Resurrection, I received it with joy and believed God for the resurrection of every dead and dormant dreams, gifts, talents and fruits of the spirit in me. When the announcement was made that Friday the 3rd April was our weekly prayer and fasting day, and that we would fast till 5pm, I doubted if I could participate, but to God be the glory, I stayed home (since it was a public holiday), fasted and prayed meditating on the scripture (John 11:24-26), and read a Christian literature which I just purchased.

Lo and behold! It was 5pm before I realized I had not eaten the whole day and I had no symptoms of ulcer whatsoever! Praise God.

Thank you Pastor Andy for obeying the spirit.  I am healed!

Ms. J. A. 




I had a serious pain in my right leg for over some months now, but on Sunday 15th of March, when Pastor said that those that had pain in their legs should come out for healing. People came out, but I didn’t because I was at the back of the hall attending to a woman that had fallen under the anointing. 

Pastor Andy then told those that came out to stamp their feet and go back to their seats after he had prayed for them. I followed the instructions where I was, stamped my right leg and claimed my healing. 

Normally there was a particular way I couldn’t sit, because when I did, I would feel some excruciating pain. But that evening I found myself sitting in that position and that was when I realized that my leg had been healed!

Thank you Jesus for using Pastor Andy to heal me.

Ms. E. J.


Prostate Healed!

I want to testify about the great miracle that the Lord did for my dad. 

Sometime in November 2014, I took my dad to see Pastor Andy. He had just been just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and he had undergone a knee surgery in August. In fact in a test at Maitama Hospital, the result said he had 60.8 PSA level where a normal range is between (0-4). The doctors said it was dangerously high already. He was also having problems urinating.

Pastor Andy prayed for my dad on that day and asked my mum to always lay hands on him and speak life to him constantly, day and night. This, she started and continued to do every day till they left for Lagos to see the consultant. The consultant gave him an injection in December and asked him to come again in 3 months. In March, my dad went to the appointment and was asked to repeat the test, when he did it.  But the miraculous had already happened! It showed that the PSA level had dropped to 0.816 from 60.8, where the normal range is between 0-4.

Only God could have done this great miracle. My dad is completely healed from that ailment. I appreciate Dr. Andy and Pastor Ndidi for their support. Praise God.

Mr. O. C.


Supernatural Healing!

I want to start by saying that I am grateful to God for bringing me to Summit Bible Church.

I had an accident over three years ago and since then I had been supporting myself with a walking stick. One faithful Sunday, Pastor Andy was praying and commanding healing and I walked out with my usual stick to receive my healing. Though nothing happened immediately, I knew he did not pray in vain. When I got home that day, I told myself that I couldn’t keep on using the walking stick because Pastor Andy had already told me I was healed.

On one particular day soon after that, I boarded a Keke Napep to drop me off at my house; as I got down from the vehicle and entered my room, I realized I had forgotten my walking stick in the vehicle. I said to myself, “THIS IS IT, NO MORE WALKING STICK!” 

From that day till today, I no longer use a walking stick, and I know my healing is permanent. Amen!

Mr. M. T


Infertility Healed


Our God is over-faithful! February was indeed a month of Activation for us. 

My husband and I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb since 2013. Sometime in January 2015, Pastor Andy prayed for all the women in church trying to conceive. I got home that day and told my husband that I was going to stop taking any kind of fertility drugs, that since pastor had prayed for us, it would be better to trust in God's supernatural healing power. 

From that day, I stopped taking the ones I got in December. Thank God for the opportunity Pastor created for us to pray out God's will for Nigeria and for ourselves!

As we woke up every morning, we would flow with the prayer points and thank God for our children. We also believed God for all the unreaped harvests, as we had constantly sown seeds since we started believing God. At the end of January, my period came again; I felt terrible for some time, but I told myself never to give up. 

Then February came and we started activating everything in, on and around us that we would need to reach our full manifestation. By the 3rd week of February, my body started changing again in preparation for my next period. At this point, I became worried, but during one of our Thursday services, I promised God that I was going to sow all my salary for that month, and I won't stop sowing until something happened. The devil kept reminding me that I would need money for transportation and a lot of other things; that we are not supposed to sow foolishly. I told myself is better to be foolish with God. 


By the upper week, all the pains, the cramping and the pimples seized. I waited for my period to show up all through February, but it didn't come. On the 1st of March, I decided to do a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. My husband and I did not know where and how to start praising God. 


On Monday, we went to a hospital for a blood test and scan, and behold there is a seed! We are still in awe. The word of God defied all manner of reports by the doctors, ranging from hormonal imbalance to fibroid and so many other stories. 


At this point also, the Holy spirit reminded me of all He has done in that month of February - my uncle gave scholarships to three of my late brother's children,  and God also healed my sister of a strange sickness she has suffered from for over 9 years. Truly, miracles happen all the time at The Summit. God is indeed faithful, and His Word works.


Mrs C.


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